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Paper + Ballpoint Pen = Messy Sketch

Let me take a moment to make an apology to the girl in today’s sketch.  This is why I prefer sketching with a pencil as opposed to performing a Leeroy Jenkins with a ballpoint pen.  Jumping in without doing a rough in pencil first just asks for a messy, sketchy drawing. She’ll forgive me.  I […]

Let There Be Clothes

And it was good. No longer must Alma exist as a floating head on the Internet.  Now, she has a body of her own.  Now, she is free to interact with her costar Gavin whenever she pleases. She doesn’t look exactly happy about that.  Then again, it’s hard to tell when her mouth is missing. […]

Hyrule, Personified

This will be the last bit of fanart I post for a while, I promise. My goal with this sketch was to draw a personification of all the races of Hyrule as portrayed in The Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time.  I know I messed up in a couple of places (the daggers look terrible), […]

Floating Heads

These are the first sketches of my comic’s main characters.  Well, the first sketches of their heads and expressions, at least.  The girl is Alma, and the boy is Gavin, the dork from my previous blog post.  Of course, just like the sketch of the spaced out girl, these sketches were drawn on paper not […]


These are a few character sketches I drew over the past seven days.  For those of you who actually wonder what the heck goes on inside a kooky artist’s head, I’ll take a minute to say a few things about each sketch. Starting at the top, we have a very rough, half-finished sketch of Tear […]

Does an Abyss Look More Impressive in 3D?

Tales of the Abyss was released in North America for the Nintendo 3DS yesterday.  Being a big fan of the original PlayStation 2 game, I went out and bought it at the first opportunity I had. Was it worth it?  My answer is a definite yes, but I can’t speak for everyone. When considering whether […]

Space Cadet Café Girl

For lunch today, I ate at a café with my family.  While waiting for our orders, I sketched this character on my paper placemat.  I threw in the ketchup and mustard bottles later, along with the crayons and random doodle.  Maybe I will use her in a story I’m coming up with. Isn’t it strange […]