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An Unforgettable Flight – Kid Icarus: Uprising

“Sorry to keep you waiting!” That’s my apology to you for posting this today instead of last Saturday or Wednesday, when I was supposed to. It is also the apology of the boy angel Pit to fans of the Kid Icarus games for keeping them waiting a much longer time for the sequel, Kid Icarus:  […]

Digging the Green

Good heavens, I completely forgot that today is Saint Patrick’s Day!  It’s a good thing I wore a Super Mario shirt this morning!  I didn’t even think about it, but there’s a copious amount of green on that thing, what with Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, the Koopas, and the Piranha Plants. Do you know what else […]

Two Twins and an Update

This is the week of the dreaded midterms, so I don’t have anything brand new for today.  Sorry.  Instead, have a gander at another couple of character heads.  I drew these two  about a year ago, but I’m still pretty happy with how they turned out.  I’ll probably end up drawing them into a story […]

A Random Fantasy Girl, Just for the Heck of It

This is just a random girl I drew in my composition class this morning.  There’s not really a story behind her.  Is she a sorceress?  I don’t think so.  She looks more like a cosplayer to me. Anyway, I thought I’d post this a little early seeing as I’m going to visit my grandparents this […]

One-Armed Wonder

Meet Sibylla, Gavin Argall’s little sister.  Why is her name such an awkward one?  I don’t know.  Her mother insisted on the name Sibylla before she was born, even if she turned out to be a boy.  Her mother is strange like that.  That might explain why Gavin ran off to Scotland to hunt the […]

Younger and Older

I’m feeling out of it from fighting a nasty cold the past couple of days, so this post isn’t going to be as insightful or witty as the other ones. I drew these two during Christmas break.  The aim was to test out a new set of Copic markers as well as to draw an […]