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One-Armed Wonder

One-Armed Girl

Edited with paint.net due to the pencil lead smudging all over the place.

Meet Sibylla, Gavin Argall’s little sister.  Why is her name such an awkward one?  I don’t know.  Her mother insisted on the name Sibylla before she was born, even if she turned out to be a boy.  Her mother is strange like that.  That might explain why Gavin ran off to Scotland to hunt the Loch Ness Monster at the tender age of seven.

…I’m kidding.  Really.

One of my friends made me feel terrible for giving Sibby only one arm.  I couldn’t tell her that by the time the comic reaches its end, all the main characters will undoubtedly be plotting my early demise for all the trouble I’m going to put them through.

Character and artwork © Holly A. Wolfe.


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