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The Art of Butchering Trees

What with WordPress being temperamental and today being the day of my sister’s prom, it’s been difficult to get this post up.  Sorry for the lateness of it. This was drawn yesterday during my composition class.  Basically, the thought that sparked this drawing was, “Hey, I’m always drawing people.  Why don’t I draw something else […]

Academic Showcase Day: A Greatly Needed Day Off

Our college is hosting academic showcases all day today.  This gives everyone here the chance to go to these events as well as provides us with a much needed day for catching up on homework and R & R. I apologize for not having a sketch ready for today.  Due mostly to an intense study […]

The Alien Concept Called “Color”

Wow, a finished character design instead of a half-baked sketch for once?  Who would have thought? This is Megan.  Despite her youthful appearance, she is actually one of my oldest characters.  Throughout the past five years and the stormy sea of story concepts that came with them, only Megan and three other characters have survived […]

More Adventures in Ink

So far today, I’ve practically killed myself putting off a short report until the last minute, possibly angered a friend, and spilled hot chicken ramen juice on my lap.  Walking away from this string of incidents with a well-learned lesson regarding procrastination, I write this with the optimistic view that if all else fails, I […]

Storm Update

Hello again.  Just updating my blog to let everyone know everything is alright, albeit the wind picking up again right after the church service.  Given that a concert is going to take up most of my afternoon and I have to leave for said concert in less than an hour, I don’t have a sketch […]

Hooray for Living in Tornado Alley

This is a bit of an abnormal post, but as I am typing this, my college is in a tornado watch, and it’s highly possible that that tornado watch will soon become a tornado warning. Once we’re in the clear, I’ll update my blog to let you know that everything is okay as well as […]

Arguing with Myself

Since Alma and Gavin’s story is still in the planning stage, and seeing as how it will most likely be part of a larger project, I’m debating over whether or not to start out with a series of smaller stories first. I have heard that writers and comic artists recommend starting with smaller stories, and […]