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Writer’s Journal #1: Characters are Pushy

The part I like the best in this sketch is…the glass. Seriously, I need to practice drawing Alma more.

You come up with a character who you think you know inside and out.  After spending time brainstorming this character’s backstory, motivations, hobbies, and what have you, you think he or she will fit into a specific role in your story perfectly.  The problem is, you haven’t figured out all the details of the story yet, so that character makes him- or herself at home in the back of your head for a while as you get things figured out.

Then, when you finally, finally, start putting your ideas to paper, that character pops up, laughs good-naturedly at you, and says, “That’s silly!  Why would I act that way?  Ooh, is that hot chocolate you’re drinking?”

That’s Gavin for me.

Seriously, I discovered today that not only is he extremely hyperactive, but he also has a knack for writing music and singing completely off key.  What the heck?  Now the comic can’t be nearly as serious as I was originally planning!

No wonder why most writers are crazy.

(On a side note, I made a goof in the sketch.  Gavin can’t be dancing around like that; his left knee is bad.  Derp.)

Characters and artwork © Holly A. Wolfe.


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