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More Adventures in Ink

So far today, I’ve practically killed myself putting off a short report until the last minute, possibly angered a friend, and spilled hot chicken ramen juice on my lap.  Walking away from this string of incidents with a well-learned lesson regarding procrastination, I write this with the optimistic view that if all else fails, I can still successfully make a blog post.

Anyway, enough about that.  I know what you’re really here for.

Click for full view; it will look sharper.

I drew these two during my intro to psychology class.  Usually drawing men is a bit of a weak point for me, so I’m really happy with how this guy turned out.  Surprisingly, it’s the woman that I’m not happy with.  Her feet are so-so, but her hand…  I will admit it, it is way too big.  While I enjoy sketching with ballpoint pens, one of the hazards of using them from the start is that once you draw something, there’s very little you can do to modify it.

Er, I mean, drawing her hand that size was totally intentional!  The fair harp maiden comes from a family of nymphs that has fallen under a terrible curse!

The curse…of inflatable hands!

The maiden’s older sister demonstrates.

Characters and artwork © Holly A. Wolfe.


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