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The Alien Concept Called “Color”

A young girl in a poofy outfit

She’s not a magical girl; she’s a wannabe magical girl. Big difference there.

Wow, a finished character design instead of a half-baked sketch for once?  Who would have thought?

This is Megan.  Despite her youthful appearance, she is actually one of my oldest characters.  Throughout the past five years and the stormy sea of story concepts that came with them, only Megan and three other characters have survived when others have lost significance and faded away.  She is also the only character out of those four to whom changes in design and personality have been kept to a minimum.

Yes, Megan does have normal clothes.  Why wear an ordinary t-shirt and shorts, however, when she has access to countless other costumes like this one?

Character and artwork © Holly A. Wolfe.


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