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Academic Showcase Day: A Greatly Needed Day Off

Our college is hosting academic showcases all day today.  This gives everyone here the chance to go to these events as well as provides us with a much needed day for catching up on homework and R & R.

I apologize for not having a sketch ready for today.  Due mostly to an intense study paper that is due this Friday, along with other assignments, I haven’t gotten around to drawing anything that looks decent enough to post.

To make up for it, here is a list of updated information concerning this blog:

  • For those who are unaware, regular blog entries are now posted on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • My first comic project, hereby titled The Godmother’s Tales, is in its planning stage.  Serious work on the pages will most likely begin once I’m out for the summer.
  • The majority of my blog posts will continue to consist of sketches, as well as my personal observations concerning characters and plotlines of books, movies, video games, and TV shows.

Depending on how much time I have, Saturday’s post might or might not contain an essay on the ethics of Pokèmon.  If all else fails, I will make sure you have a nice sketch to look at.

Until then, take care!


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