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Computer Issues, and Don’t Give Kittens Meat

Hi everyone.  The first half of this post’s title basically says it all.  Any time I work on my laptop nowadays, it makes much more noise than it should, so I’ve been trying to keep the time I spend on the laptop to a minimum. I’m planning on having it taken in on Tuesday, so […]

Out for the Summer ≠ Dead

I don’t know how much it really needed to be said, but I’m still here and ready to continue this blog throughout the summer! Originally, I had planned to post last Saturday with my two cents regarding the film Dark Shadows.  However, after sitting with the band for two hours just to play a few […]

Finals Week. Yikes!

As the title might have already suggested, next week is the week of my college finals. There won’t be much time for drawing, unfortunately, but that should be remedied once I get out for the summer. I’ll be taking a summer statistics the first month of break, but it shouldn’t take up too much of […]

Glossy, Glossy Hair

Unfortunately, I only have yet another floating character head ready for today’s post. But hey, at least her hair is shiny!  Everybody loves shiny things, right? …No? Gosh darn it, the Internet lied to me again. Sadly, the girl’s hair lost some of its luster once I scanned it.  That, or I’m looking at the […]

The Basket and the Girl

Sorry for the late post (again).  I was feeling pretty wiped out yesterday.  Should’ve took a water bottle with me for the walk outside yesterday.  It was pretty hot out. The Godmother’s Tales is making progress.  I’ve got at least three short stories for it planned out in my head, and right now I’m working […]

Pokèmon Article Prep

Pokèmon Article Prep

Today’s post is also known as “Let’s Watch Holly Fail at Drawing Pokèmon!” Sorry, the Pokèmon article I hinted at last Wednesday isn’t quite ready yet.  I still need to get a lot of theories sorted out in my head and put to paper.  (Or, as we call it in this day and age, Microsoft […]