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Pokèmon Article Prep

Today’s post is also known as “Let’s Watch Holly Fail at Drawing Pokèmon!”

Sorry, the Pokèmon article I hinted at last Wednesday isn’t quite ready yet.  I still need to get a lot of theories sorted out in my head and put to paper.  (Or, as we call it in this day and age, Microsoft Word.)

Instead, here are some sketches I made of Pokèmon to prepare myself for drawing illustrations for the upcoming article.  Mind that these sketches were, once again, drawn in my composition class with no reference materials on hand, and, as such, are very rough.  This was also my first serious attempt at drawing the beloved critters of gaming, so it’s a given that I got at least a couple of things wrong.

One more thing:  birds will always be my worst enemies when it comes to drawing, realistic or not.

Primeape, an ape Pokèmon    An attempt at drawing NidoranA turtle-like animalA rock-like animal

A mouse

I swear, faces went on strike the other day.


I seriously should have saved this one for a later post and claimed it was a sparrow or something. Oh well, hooray for honesty!


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