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The Basket and the Girl

A girl with a basketSorry for the late post (again).  I was feeling pretty wiped out yesterday.  Should’ve took a water bottle with me for the walk outside yesterday.  It was pretty hot out.

The Godmother’s Tales is making progress.  I’ve got at least three short stories for it planned out in my head, and right now I’m working on designs for the characters.  The girl in today’s sketch, Hilja, will be the main character of the series.  Whether  the center of attention in some stories or playing a supporting role in others, her presence will be what ties the stories together.  Her character design isn’t set in stone, but for a preliminary sketch, I like how she turned out.  (Except for her feet being a little too far to the left.  I’ll fix that later.)

I ended up using sketchbook paper for this, so the lines aren’t as smooth as they would have been if I had drawn on computer paper.  I cringe thinking about the bleeding that will most likely occur when I go to ink and color this thing.

The Godmother’s Tales © Holly A. Wolfe.


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