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Glossy, Glossy Hair

Unfortunately, I only have yet another floating character head ready for today’s post.

But hey, at least her hair is shiny!  Everybody loves shiny things, right?


Gosh darn it, the Internet lied to me again.

Sadly, the girl’s hair lost some of its luster once I scanned it.  That, or I’m looking at the original sketch with rose-tinted glasses.   Although I tried to make certain parts of the hair darker, the scanned image doesn’t show as much contrast as I would have liked.  (Why yes, I do enjoy setting off the beginnings of my sentences with commas.  What gave that away?)

As for the eyes, I took a different approach with them this time, leaving the shading and pupils of the eyes a little more scribbly than I usually do.  With this character, I wanted to give her a sad, lost look to reflect her personal circumstances.  You see, pirates raided her village.  And kidnapped her puppy.  And kicked it.

Okay, all joking aside, she is stuck in some pretty harsh circumstances.


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