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Out for the Summer ≠ Dead

I don’t know how much it really needed to be said, but I’m still here and ready to continue this blog throughout the summer!

Originally, I had planned to post last Saturday with my two cents regarding the film Dark Shadows.  However, after sitting with the band for two hours just to play a few songs for the college graduation ceremony and spending yet another two hours on the road, I figured an update could wait.  I figure that it’s a little too late to say anything informative about the film now, but if you guys are really curious as to what a nerdy college girl has to say about Dark Shadows, I’ll make a post for it next time.

On a more productive note, here’s a comic strip I drew last fall containing a joke that’s been done to death!  (Wow, something besides character designs for once?  Who would have thought?)

Characters and artwork © Holly A. Wolfe


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