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Computer Issues, and Don’t Give Kittens Meat

Hi everyone.  The first half of this post’s title basically says it all.  Any time I work on my laptop nowadays, it makes much more noise than it should, so I’ve been trying to keep the time I spend on the laptop to a minimum.

I’m planning on having it taken in on Tuesday, so Wednesday’s post might be postponed like this one was. Next time, I’ll have a couple of sketches from statistics ready to put up.  These sketches were a little bit of an experiment stylistically, and I admit, I kind of like how they look.

Regarding the second half of the title concerning kittens, I am being 100% serious.  Do not, I repeat, do not give them meat scraps.  Do not attempt to play with them while they are eating meat scraps.  You will regret it.

I swear, once the scraps were right in front of our kittens, one of them, who is quite the biter already, went absolutely berserk.  He growled at anyone who got too close to him and even attacked another kitten that came too close to him.  This kind of behavior I expected from a grown cat, but from a tiny kitten?  It was surprising, to say the least.

Once he had eaten the piece he had, I thought it was okay to pick him up.

That might have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

As soon as I picked him up, he latched onto my hand, biting into my palm.  My mom, who had brought the scraps out, tried to pull him off.  She had no idea how firmly attached the kitten was, so it took quite a bit of painful pulling before he finally let go.

To top off that wonderful time playing with the kittens, our good old dog came over and sprayed water and saliva all over my lap.

Goooood times!


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