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Loving the Feeling of Sun-Cooked Skin!

Get it?  Sunburns?  Sun-cooked…  Anyway! Since my statistics course is over, I am now back on the clock for my summer job:  lifeguarding.  That’s why I’m typing this post at around 8:20 in the evening as opposed to the middle of the afternoon.  I’ve got more hours this year, which is good for my wallet […]

Ode to Statistics

Now that I’ve figured out what was wrong with my printer cable (and geez, was it embarrassingly simple to fix), let’s look at the sketches I drew over the course of my three-week statistics class! Of course, it is hard to sketch discretely in class using a blank sheet of paper – and I did […]

Things Just Keep Getting Better

I should note that the title is written with more than a little bit of sarcasm. Well, the good news is, I’ve got my laptop back.  The bad news is, not only were the computer people unable to do anything to keep the fan from making so much noise, but now my printer scanner is […]