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Ode to Statistics

Now that I’ve figured out what was wrong with my printer cable (and geez, was it embarrassingly simple to fix), let’s look at the sketches I drew over the course of my three-week statistics class!

Of course, it is hard to sketch discretely in class using a blank sheet of paper – and I did really need to write down notes – so I was stuck with good old notebook paper.

I swear, it’s the bane of school-going artists everywhere.

These were the first two sketches I drew. I was experimenting with a more cartoony style, and for my first shot, I like how the characters turned out.

The guy, who I’ve dubbed Kaptain Karl as spelling errors apparently make everything more fun, was the first to be drawn.  Fun fact:  his silhouette was actually inspired by a curly bracket I put in my notes.  Nothing else to say about him, really, except that that’s a nostril you’re looking at, not an eyeball.  (An odd thing to say, I know, but my sister did make that assumption when I showed these sketches to her.)

The girl’s name is Betty Sue.  Her design came to paper fairly easily, which surprised me.  I’m a nitpicker with things like anatomy, so I was afraid drawing a full-bodied cartoon character would be difficult right off.  Unfortunately, drawing the body so well left me hesitant to draw any arms on her out of fear that I would completely mess that part up.  The legs were cut off by the edge of the paper.

A girl with a bandana

Another day, I took a stab at drawing Hilja‘s face from memory.  Since her current design is simple, it wasn’t too hard.  She looks a lot less innocent in this depiction, though, and that’s mostly due to how her character has developed in my head.  It’s looking like The Godmother’s Tales isn’t going to be the short stint I’d originally planned it to be.

I also drew a side profile of her, but I’m not very happy with the end results of that.

creepy guy

  This…is a character design attempt gone wrong.  Now you’re stuck with a creepy guy on your screen staring into your soul.  My apologies.

Artwork and characters © Holly A. Wolfe

The Godmother’s Tales © Holly A. Wolfe


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