Loving the Feeling of Sun-Cooked Skin!

Get it?  Sunburns?  Sun-cooked…  Anyway!

Since my statistics course is over, I am now back on the clock for my summer job:  lifeguarding.  That’s why I’m typing this post at around 8:20 in the evening as opposed to the middle of the afternoon.  I’ve got more hours this year, which is good for my wallet but bad for my sanity and drawing time.  I’ve started taking scratch paper to the pool, but I’m wary of drawing anything of credible value.

Pfft.  Water.  Who needs it anyway?

Also attributing to my slower production rate are a couple of bigger projects I’m working on.  One is, of course, my original comic series.  The other is a fan-made comic I’m working on to document the progress of a video game challenge as well as to give the game’s story a different spin.  If I have time tomorrow, I’ll post a progress report of sorts.

To wrap up this post, I just want to thank everyone who has followed my blog, liked my posts, and shown their support in other ways.  Even if I haven’t made it over to your blog yet to give you a proper thank you, I want you all to know that I am very grateful to you for taking the time to look at my work, both written and drawn.  It gives me the motivation to keep at it, amidst the work and the various distractions.


2 comments on “Loving the Feeling of Sun-Cooked Skin!

  1. Hey guess what? I’ll do you one better than just liking this.

    Congratulations! You are a recipient of the prestigious(?) Versatile Blogger Award. In other words, you have a kick ass blog. Keep it up!

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