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Project Progress Report #1: Of Critical Thinking and Wondering Just Where the Summer Went

So apparently when I say, “I’m posting an update this weekend!”, I actually mean, “I’m going to have writer’s block for three weeks.”  Excuse me while I go bash my head against the wall.

To make blog matters even trickier, band camp starts in a week, and college courses start the week after that.  If I actually decide on a minor and slip in an extra course at the last minute, I’ll probably be very busy.

Well, for now, let’s have a progress report.

Project Update

1.  The Godmother’s Tales vs. The Story of Gavin, Alma, and Sibylla

Despite putting a ton of thought into The Godmother’s Tales this summer, I made absolutely no progress.  The reverse happened; the more I tried to pump out ideas for this comic concept, the less satisfactory the plotline and main characters I had in mind became.

I’ve decided to scrap The Godmother’s Tales in favor of returning to the story of the characters I’ve talked the most about on this blog:  Gavin, Alma, and Sibylla.  I’m definitely not ready to start drawing Chapter 1, but I have a much stronger idea of who these characters are and how the story will go.  I’ll provide the official name for this comic once I finalize the logo for it; it’s difficult to type out.

2. A Secondary, More Light-Hearted Idea

While I’m confident in returning to Gavin’s story, working out all the comic’s technical details is still going to take some time.  As such, I’ve come up with a much simpler comic concept to draw in the meantime.

The working name for this second concept is Planet’s Persona.  Think Axis Powers: Hetalia, only in space, (hopefully) less potentially offensive, and with less Ho Yay.  Not the most original of ideas, but I need to get back into the swing of drawing comics.  That, and I’ve got some comic paper I need to test out.

3.  Back to Geeky Articles!

Once I get more time, I intend to return to writing more articles regarding video games, movies, and other media-related things.  Each article will most likely follow a different format depending on the subject, but I’ve come up with a few categories to group together the ones that share particular similarities.

  • Geeky Short Stops:  In some cases, I will not feel like reviewing an entire game, TV show, or movie.  However, one particular aspect might catch my eye.  This category is for shorter articles regarding such things and will likely be written when I’m low on time and won’t have anything important to say.
  • Fandom Favorites:  We all know it:  fan art eats up most of the attention on deviantART, and only ten percent of fanfiction is any good.  However, once in a blue moon, a certain fan-made work will appear that soars above expectations and pleases long-time fans and, in some cases, newcomers alike.  In these reviews, I will take into consideration that the creators of these works are most likely not professionals, but that doesn’t mean I won’t point out flaws when they pop up.
  • Character Analysis:  Essentially what it says on the box.  I’ll take a closer look into the motivations, personalities, and what have you of characters in media.


And that’s it for today’s progress report!  Once again, my apologies to everyone for the wait.  I hope it was worth it.  If you want to see a little more artwork, I do have a semi-new work on my deviantART account.  It’s not exactly spectacular, I’ll admit, but it was the result of messing around with a midterm project on Adobe Fireworks.

I’ll be packing for college this weekend, so hopefully you can expect a new post shortly after that!

Artwork, Characters, and Comic Concepts © Holly A. Wolfe.  


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