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Artist’s Journal #1: Expansion of Style

Everyone has the potential to keep growing in some way.  That’s what I tell myself as an artist. (And when I use the term “artist” I don’t intend for it to sound like I’m saying it in some sort of snooty uppity fashion with a French accent wearing sunglasses and a beret and gaaah this […]

Am I Supposed to Put a Title Here? I’m Too Stunned to Even Remember Right Now.

Uh, wow.  I-I mean…wow. Sorry, just give me a second.  I need to figure out how to start this post. …Okay, I’m ready.

New Update Schedule

Hi everyone, sorry for falling behind on updates again.  I meant to post on Monday, actually, but let’s just say that the past two days have been pretty rough. In order to try to return to a regular posting schedule (again), I’m going to start posting on Monday nights only.  That way, I should have […]