Am I Supposed to Put a Title Here? I’m Too Stunned to Even Remember Right Now.

Uh, wow.  I-I mean…wow.

Sorry, just give me a second.  I need to figure out how to start this post.

…Okay, I’m ready.

Last Thursday, I logged on to WordPress, prepared to do what I usually do on the site:  read blog entries, leave the occasional comment, and smack myself for spending too much time on my laptop.

This time, however, I found something quite out of the ordinary in my notifications.  It took me a couple of seconds to put two and two together, but once I did, my mind was completely blown.

I had reached my 100 Like Milestone and my 50 Follower Milestone on the exact same day.

Naturally, I responded to this news in the most dignified way possible.

College nerd spewing soft drink on computer screen

Okay, so I’m exaggerating for comedic purposes. Stop being so nitpicky!

Now I must say, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU everybody for all the support!

For me, this is a huge step forward compared to other internet accounts I’ve made in the past.  (Okay, I admit that I have no right to sound like an old fart when I’m only a nineteen-going-on-twenty college student, but I digress.)  As such, I want to do something special to show you guys how thankful I am for your support.  And what better way to express my appreciation than through artwork?  However, as much as I wish I could draw something for each and every one of you, the cold, painful truth is I don’t have enough time to do so.  There’s got to be time set aside for homework and sleep, too, you know?

So here’s what I’m going to do:  I will take one art request from each of the first three of my followers to comment on this post.  It should be noted, however, that I do not have the necessary materials or know-how to produce professional prints as of yet.  Each of the three drawings will be posted on my deviantART page for your viewing pleasure.  I know, I know, it’s lame of me, but it’s the best I can do right now.

Also, while I am pretty lax when it comes to requests, I reserve the right to refuse to draw something if I find the subject matter too offensive or disturbing.

Here’s a small list of things I will not draw for requests:

  1. Anything romance-related – This is more of a safeguard than anything else.  You wouldn’t believe the pairings some people support.  Take that love triangle from Twilight, for example.
  2. Politics – I think everyone’s had enough of that soap opera for a while.
  3. Graphic violence/blood/gore/etc. – For obvious reasons.
  4. Nudity – Again, for obvious reasons.

I will  get these requests done as soon as I can.  When I am finished, I will notify each requester via a comment on his/her blog.

Once again, thank you guys so much!  Your constant support gives me that extra push to keep this blog and my work going.  I’ll continue to keep you all up-to-date with my projects as well as my articles.  And remember, I’m now posting on Mondays only!

Happy blogging!


9 comments on “Am I Supposed to Put a Title Here? I’m Too Stunned to Even Remember Right Now.

  1. Just wanted to say congratulations! Also I would like to take you up on your offer to draw a requested picture. am I too late?

  2. Is this offer still up? And congratulations!

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