Artist’s Journal #1: Expansion of Style

Everyone has the potential to keep growing in some way.  That’s what I tell myself as an artist.

(And when I use the term “artist” I don’t intend for it to sound like I’m saying it in some sort of snooty uppity fashion with a French accent wearing sunglasses and a beret and gaaah this sentence is getting too long!)

Some artists say that it is important to have one’s own signature art style.  Other artists say that it is important to expand one’s horizons and experiment with several different styles.

To me, those two lines of thinking appear to go hand-in-hand.

While it is important for one’s work to have a visual aesthetic that can be readily recognized as his or her own, that personal touch can only be obtained by trying one’s hand at various different methods.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do every now and again.  The visual aesthetic typically associated with manga is nice and fun, but seeing the works of comic artists such as Svetlana Chmakova and Tessa Stone pushes me to try different things art-wise and see what happens.  One time I shot for a more cartoony approach.  Last week in class I attempted a Disney look and failed.

half a face sketch

This poor person with half a face right here. Click on her schnoz for more drawing info.

I have as of yet to discover a style I can call my own. Until then, and even after that, I’ll continue experimenting.


Okay, maybe writing these posts during my desksitting shift isn’t such a great idea after all. I’m half asleep right now.

For any of my followers who are  interested, I still have two spots open for art requests! My homework load practically doubled overnight, though, so it’s going to take me longer to get them done than I had planned.  Sorry for the inconvenience there.

Lastly on blog news, next week we return to good old, lighthearted geekiness!  I have something simple and silly in mind for next time, so keep an eye out for it next Monday! Until then, happy blogging!

(…Gah, I sound like some kind of news anchor.)

Artwork © Holly A. Wolfe.


2 comments on “Artist’s Journal #1: Expansion of Style

  1. So is a spot still open? Can you draw one of me and have it reflecting my personality?

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