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I’m Back, Baby!

Hi everyone, I’m back from midterms and fall break and ready to tackle some more posts!  Things are probably going to be busier for me on this side of the semester, but rest assured, I’m still alive and working on blog material and artwork! In fact, tonight I’m going to start on my first Top […]

My Love/Hate Relationship with Caffeine

Ah, caffeine.  What would I do without you? Pfft, that’s easy:  probably get some sleep for once. I know, I know, other than somewhat addicting consumers to popular beverages, caffeine’s primary purpose is to keep people awake.  That I understand and sometimes try to use to my advantage. It is the horrible timing of that […]

Blah Blah Doctor Who, Blah Blah Midterms

I have two reasons for not posting last night, other than the regular tiredness. One, the Internet connection up at the desk was being a pain. Two, a new Doctor Who episode had aired a couple of days prior without my knowledge.  The topic of the post I was planning for this week?  Weeping Angels.  The main […]