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Blah Blah Doctor Who, Blah Blah Midterms

I have two reasons for not posting last night, other than the regular tiredness.

One, the Internet connection up at the desk was being a pain.

Two, a new Doctor Who episode had aired a couple of days prior without my knowledge.  The topic of the post I was planning for this week?  Weeping Angels.  The main enemy of the new episode?  Well, the title The Angels Take Manhattan is rather self-explanatory.  Now I need to catch up on my Doctor Who before I can feel qualified to write the bit of silliness I had planned.  Great.

Oh well, have some silliness in picture form.

Winner of the Science Fiction Darwin Award.

My sister and I decided to call the guy on the left Usta.

On a different note, things are getting even busier, what with approaching midterms and paper deadlines as well as working a projector for the college theatre production.  I’ll keep drawing the things I need to draw, but decent articles probably won’t be happening for a while.

Artwork © Holly A. Wolfe

Doctor Who © BBC


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