My Love/Hate Relationship with Caffeine

Ah, caffeine.  What would I do without you?

Pfft, that’s easy:  probably get some sleep for once.

I know, I know, other than somewhat addicting consumers to popular beverages, caffeine’s primary purpose is to keep people awake.  That I understand and sometimes try to use to my advantage.

It is the horrible timing of that side effect that is driving me crazy right now.

Yesterday after helping with strike (that is, taking down a theatre set after the run of a production is finished), I was incredibly exhausted.  In an attempt to wake myself up, I had a cup and a half of Pepsi afterwards.  I felt the exact same level of cruddiness hours later when I needed to do my assignments, despite the fact that the caffeine should have taken effect by that time.  I deemed the designated homework night a lost cause, accepting a seductive can of Coke from one of my roommates.

Yeah.  That was very, very stupid of me.

All that caffeine kicked in at around one o’clock in the morning.  You know, when everyone actually tries to fall asleep.  I didn’t even start to feel drowsy until ten ’til four.  (And I know; I looked at a clock.  That’s me, always checkin’ my facts!)  Now I’m running on four hours of sleep and a cup of coffee I picked up as a last resort.

The moral of this little whinefest:  caffeine can be your best friend, or it can be that jerkface that slaps you across the face and ensures that you don’t have a sketch for your Monday post.

Speaking of blog posts, don’t expect one from me next week.  Between a video project and midterm exams, I am not going to have time to work on anything good.

To everyone who has midterms soon, good luck!  Now I must go.  Two papers are begging to be written.  Allons-y!


3 comments on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Caffeine

  1. I completely agree about caffeine. Caffeine has a really strong effect on me for some reason, haha. Also, the .gif at the end, yes, awesome 😛

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