I’m Back, Baby!

Hi everyone, I’m back from midterms and fall break and ready to tackle some more posts!  Things are probably going to be busier for me on this side of the semester, but rest assured, I’m still alive and working on blog material and artwork!

In fact, tonight I’m going to start on my first Top 10 list for this blog.  Okay, granted, I’ll most likely have to split it into two parts and even then part one might not even be up until tomorrow, but hey, keep an eye out for it if you feel like getting a kick out of my attempting to judge video game music.

And no, I’m not tired; I’m just rambling for no coherent reason.

I like rambling.  Rambling’s cool.

Spaghetti man flashing peace signs

Artwork © Holly A. Wolfe


4 comments on “I’m Back, Baby!

  1. Rambling is always awesome… Heck, it’s how I get through the day. 😛

  2. Looking forward to your top ten list – video game music is severely underrated!

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