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Project Progress Report #2: For the Sake of Filler

As you might have gathered from the absence of last week’s post, the top 10 list that I’m working on is taking up a lot more time than I thought it would.  Things are getting a lot busier, too, so it might have to be a side project for now.

Well, I can’t fall back into the habit of going missing when things come up.  Let’s have another art update!

Project Update

Here, have the same drawing from last time, too!

1.  Requests

As you all might recall, about two months ago, I offered to do  art requests for three of my followers.  I am proud to say that I finally finished the first one a week and a half ago, and thankfully, the recipient, Takuya Kawashima-san of Doodle Dad and Kawashima Designs, seemed pretty happy with it.

One down, two to go!  It might take a while, but I’ll definitely finish these!

2.  Gavin, Alma, and Sibylla’s Story

(Darn it, I said that I’d have the logo for this comic’s title ready to display by now.  …Oh well.  For now, let’s just refer to this comic as GA&S’s Story.)

Progress on this comic is being made slowly, but surely.  The foundation for who the main characters are and what causes their actions has, for the most part, been laid out.  Now I just need to set up the plot in a way that will actually make it interesting.

That, and remember how to draw Gavin.  …Don’t give me that look!  I’m embarrassed enough as it is!

3.  Side Comic = ?

So apparently when you set out to draw an allegorical comic about the solar system, you actually need to have extensive knowledge about the subject.

Head, meet Desk.  Repeatedly.

Needless to say, the side project Planet’s Persona has been completely scrapped, save for a few character designs that I might use for future projects.  I still plan to draw a short comic while I’m working out the details of GA&S’s Story.  I’ve got a couple of ideas for this, but given my ongoing record of wishy-washyness, I’m going to keep mum about what they are for now.  I’ll most likely make an official confirmation once I actually start drawing for it.


That’s it for now!  Depending on what’s going on  next Monday, there’s a slim chance that I might be able to post.  I’ll be on my Thanksgiving break, though, so I can’t make any promises.

To all my American readers, I hope you’ll have a happy Thanksgiving!  To all my non-American readers,  I hope you’ll have a fantastic week all the same!

Artwork © Holly A. Wolfe


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