Blogger’s Blab Spot: St. Vacuum McPinkcandy Day

Red-and-Pink Rainbow Barf

What is it about Valentine’s Day that is so polarizing?

On one hand, there is the camp that absolutely adores the holiday and extols the values of romantic love and delicious candy on this designated day.

On the other hand, there is the vocal bunch that calls February 14th a corporate cashcow that exploits the overactivity of human hormones.

Regardless of where people fall between these two extremes, one thing is certain:  everyone either loves or detests Valentines Day to some degree.

Me?  Well, I’ve got nothing against the holiday, per say, but sometimes I wish that we could just have Halloween twice a year instead.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is charged to the brim with romantic tension, and popular culture will shove that in your face, regardless of whether you give a dang or not. Don’t have a special someone to spend this day with?  Aw, too bad, now you’re obligated to sit around all day and feel absolutely ashamed of being single!

Faced with this message, I have to turn around and ask one question:  Why?

Why should anyone feel bad about being partnerless for one specific day as opposed to any other day of the year?  What makes Valentine’s Day different, aside from readily available heart-shaped boxes and romantic cards?  Why is it assumed that everyone not in a relationship is absolutely miserable and that every human being has an innate desire to procreate?

Empowering young girls; you’re doing it wrong.

Whatever, Valentine’s Day.  You have your opinions as I do mine.  Right now, I’m a happy single woman, and that’s enough for me.

Don’t be surprised when I decide to celebrate the anniversary of my first vacuum next year instead, though.

Artwork © Holly Wolfe
Breaking Dawn © Stephenie Meyer (…Pfft, like anyone would want to claim that crap.)


5 comments on “Blogger’s Blab Spot: St. Vacuum McPinkcandy Day

  1. Ha! Well, from a guys perspective, I loved being single on Valentine’s day. I would hit the bars, find the hottest depressed lady I could and make her feel better about herself……. 😉 So in that respect, I enjoyed the corporate cashcow doing most of the legwork for me. Now that I am married, not so much. All these expectations…… *sigh* Happy Valentine’s Day Holly! 🙂

  2. I vote for Halloween two times a year.

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