Something to Tide You Over

Hey guys, it’s Holly here again!

(Then again, who else would be writing for this one-gal show?  Holly, you silly goose!)

Now you might have noticed that this post is a tad bit early.  Two nights early, in fact.  Why, you ask?  Well, for a couple of reasons.

While this semester has been fairly quiet thus far, I have two papers due this Friday that I need to make major headway on asap.  As such, an article that I really wanted to write for this week will most likely be put off a little while longer.  I might not even be able to post at all on Thursday, so I thought that I’d better make an update now.

Also, I’ve fallen terribly behind on those requests I offered last fall.  I’m finally wrapping things up with the final one, thank goodness, but I felt that visual evidence would be more effective than more assurances and apologies.  Below is a photo of the drawing as it is now.  Hope you enjoy, and hopefully I’ll figure out something for Thursday!


Artwork created by Holly Wolfe
Character © Oolang Cha


2 comments on “Something to Tide You Over

  1. Very cool! Love the action in the pose 😀

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