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Art Request Display!

Since I won’t start posting Anime Movie Month reviews until next Thursday, here are the three art requests that I promised back in October! Hope you enjoy, and see you next week! Artwork © Holly Wolfe Advertisements

Project Progress Report #3: Because I Need To Post Something Halfway Entertaining

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay. Aside from the last couple of days consisting mostly of driving home and riding a bus, I blame my lateness on Fire Emblem:  Awakening. (Just a quick heads up, if you’re a Nintendo 3DS owner who is trying to save money, don’t download the demo for this game. It will […]

The Fight for Online Privacy: Stop CISPA

Hi guys. I apologize in advance if this post seems oddly cobbled together. Just thinking about this topic wears me out, so this blog entry basically consists of messages I’ve already sent to friends on Facebook. For those of you who are unaware – as I was until a fellow deviantART member brought up the […]

Originally posted on Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors:
The answer just might be yes because this is exactly what is happening to Jamie McGuire.  Jamie originally self-published her book Beautiful Disaster and the sales were so good that a publisher wanted the book.  So now the book is with a publisher.  Cool, right?  You’d think so except for…

Artist’s Journal #2: Here’s a Shape, There’s a Shape

The notebook on your desk. The laptop you use for assignments and solitaire. Your own hand. What do these three things – and everything else in the world – have in common? They all can be broken down into basic shapes. Once you take this into account, you will get a better grasp on how to […]