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The Fight for Online Privacy: Stop CISPA

Stop CISPAHi guys. I apologize in advance if this post seems oddly cobbled together. Just thinking about this topic wears me out, so this blog entry basically consists of messages I’ve already sent to friends on Facebook.

For those of you who are unaware – as I was until a fellow deviantART member brought up the topic in a journal post – the act known as CISPA has reared its ugly head again and already passed through the House of Representatives.

What is CISPA? To put it simply, think SOPA on steroids.

CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, was made in an attempt to address cyber security issues, but its terms and restrictions are painfully vague. As the bill is now, it will allow companies to share any manner of online data with the government without a court order being necessary. If passed, this bill will serve as quite the double whammy, allowing companies to both invade our online privacy as well as potentially serving as a SOPA-esque anti-piracy measure that does more harm than good.

We need to stop this bill in its tracks and give Congress a wake up call.

There are at least three things we can do.

  1. Sign a petition. At least sign the official Stop CISPA petition on the official White House website. According to what this website says, this petition will be reviewed by White House staff if it makes its goal of 100,000 signatures. The Stop CISPA petition is almost halfway there and in great need of more signatures.
  2. Contact a senator. Of course, this mainly applies to all Americans reading this. Contact your senator a message concerning CISPA by any means available to you. The CISPA page on demandprogress.org provides a simple way to send your senator a message.
  3. Tell people about CISPA. There are people who are really behind on news concerning this (like I was). Tell your friends on social media sites. Blog about it. Heck, if you feel too lazy to write a full post, reblog this post if you so wish. I don’t care. Just let others know about threat that this bill presents.

Again, sorry that this is short, choppy, and late to the party. I just wanted to help inform others who weren’t aware of this, like I was until now.



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