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Project Progress Report #3: Because I Need To Post Something Halfway Entertaining

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay. Aside from the last couple of days consisting mostly of driving home and riding a bus, I blame my lateness on Fire Emblem:  Awakening. (Just a quick heads up, if you’re a Nintendo 3DS owner who is trying to save money, don’t download the demo for this game. It will seduce you into rushing to your local game store faster than you can say Pringles.)

Anyway, I’m on spring break, which means I don’t have access to my scanner for the time being. Therefore, uploading random sketches is a no-go. However, I’ve sorted a few things out concerning some projects I’m ready to work on. You know what that means!

...Yeah, I really need to draw a different picture for these, don't I?

…Yeah, I really need to draw a different picture for these, don’t I?

1.  Starting a Fanmade Comic

I’ll be honest, I am really disappointed in myself for not starting a comic series yet. Part of the problem is that I have a tendency to overthink things instead of just sitting down and getting to work. Therefore, I’ve decided to draw a Nuzlocke comic based on my somewhat successful run of Pokémon Black 2. I know that the concept isn’t that original and I will never be able to make a profit off of it, but since the basic story is already set up, it should be fairly easy for me to draw. Getting back into the groove of seriously drawing comics is what is important right now.

2.  “A” is For April

You know what else starts with the letter A? Anime! That’s right, for this blog, next month is Anime Movie Review Month! Each week of April, I’ll give my two cents on an anime film that I own. I don’t care how many college assignments and seductive video games get thrown at me, I’m going to stick to my guns and write these posts!

But that’s April. I still have one week before then. In the meantime, there are class projects and drawing requests to finish.

Artwork and Characters © Holly A. Wolfe.  


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