An Apology Post

So while caught up in the laid back, slacker attitude  that accompanies spring and Easter break, I apparently forgot that planning to write lengthy blog articles this late in the semester is a bad idea.

Cue this reaction when it finally hit me:

Aww Crap

Darn it, I really, really want to make this month Anime Movie Month, but between homework, writer’s block, and going through an emotional rough patch, chances are I won’t end up writing all the reviews that I intended to. Worst comes to worst, I might end up postponing AMM until this summer. I dunno.

Anyway, here are some sketches I drew a couple of months ago. I know they don’t make up for my being MIA the past couple of weeks, but at least they’re something interesting the look at, right?

And yes, work for the Pokémon Black 2 comic is still underway.

Pokémon © Nintendo
Portal 2 © Valve
Artwork created by Holly Wolfe


2 comments on “An Apology Post

  1. Your loyal fans can wait until your schedule slows down. Is that one pic of Pikachu? I don’t know Pokemon, but I swear it looks like Pikachu.

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