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LifeTalk: Where Did the Last Few Weeks Go?

Lazy bum on a reclinable sofa

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated for the past three weeks. The week leading up to finals was pretty hectic for whatever reason, and even though I officially finished my final projects last Thursday, I had to take off for Omaha shortly afterwards.

I’ve basically used the past couple of days to cool down and clean up the old room a bit. Things are about to get busy again, though, as I officially return to lifeguarding today and have to take yet another trip this weekend, this time for a cousin’s wedding shower.

It’s sounding like this summer is going to be pretty crazy. However, I’m planning on taking my work with me on the longer trips, so hopefully this will bring my production rate up.

…My art and blog work, I mean. It’s kind of hard to lug a public pool around with you.

Anyway, I’m running low on time, so I’d better wrap this up. I hope that all of you will have a safe summer, and if you are a reader from Kansas or Oklahoma, I pray that your summer will give you something wonderful to ease the pain of the past few days.

Artwork © Holly Wolfe


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