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Productivity? The Heck Is That?

Well, I wanted to get things done today. Clear my room of more junk, draw something good, run in to Walmart to fix my new glasses so I’ll be able to look at things without getting a headache, little things like that.

So of course my Friday basically said this to me:

“Aw, you’re cute when you’re stupid! Have another FAFSA form!”

Yeah, sorry, no in-depth articles are happening today. Instead, here’s a rough sketch I drew of the Tenth Doctor. It’s far from perfect, but in my defense, David Tennant’s hair has a life of its own.

The Tenth Doctor's Bust, by Holly Wolfe

You can view a little more of my commentary if you click on the image and follow the link to my deviantART page.

If you enjoy reading, that is. Who does that anymore?

Doctor Who © BBC
Artwork created by Holly Wolfe


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