Guess Who’s Popping In For One Quick Post!

Honestly, I’ve about got the art of blog writer disappearance down to a T now. Once I master this mysterious art, I’ll be able to disappear for months, even years at a time!

Eh, on second thought, maybe some things are better off unlearned.

I’m sorry for missing last week’s post, but you see, it’s hard to make a post of decent quality when one’s laptop is in the shop awaiting a replacement fan. It’s even harder when said replacement fan decides to go sightseeing in China for a while. My baby is finally back, though, and in tiptop condition again.

Just in time for me to go to Iowa for a cousin’s wedding.

…Have I mentioned that my summer has been ridiculously busy so far?

Don’t hurt me!

If it’s any consolation, I have a few rough sketches ready for next week’s post. I’ll also give a much needed update regarding the statuses of my comic projects at that time.

Until then, stay safe and artsy!

Doctor Who © BBC


2 comments on “Guess Who’s Popping In For One Quick Post!

  1. Haha I know how that is! I definitely have you been for longest disappearance!:)

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