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Project Progress Report #4: The Consequences of Overthinking

Well, here I am, back like I said I’d be! Let’s drop the formalities for once and cut to the chase, shall we?

This will be the last time I use this image for a while. For better or worse.

This will be the last time I use this image for a while. For better or worse.

1. So Long, But Not Goodbye

Hey, hey, hey! It’s not what you think. Put that chair down and let me explain!

Brainstorming for the Gavin, Alma, and Sibylla comic has been going well. In fact, it’s been going a little too well. Over the past few months, the story so far has filled up with a lot of characters, some of which could help tie in with a different story later on.

Visualizing these characters interacting with each other got me to thinking, “What the heck am I supposed to do with the initial three leads?”

No matter how I look at them now, Gavin, Alma, and Sibylla just aren’t that interesting of characters to focus on. It has gotten to the point where making Gavin the main character would come off as really forced, and I can’t figure out how to integrate Alma into the story at all. Sibylla is a whole other problem altogether. Being a kid of either nine or ten years of age, I want to write her right, not as a cutesy stereotypical child with no depth or personality.

I want to see Gavin, Alma, and Sibylla in a story. I especially want to draw the world that they live in. However, I want to do it right. Right now, I need take a long break from this project to rework everything as well as practice drawing something else first.

Speaking of which!

2. The Godmother’s Tales

A while ago, I brainstormed a concept for a fairy tale comic but eventually put that on the backburner in favor of Gavin & Co.

Guess what’s knocking on my door, completely rethought out and begging to be drawn?

That’s right, The Godmother’s Tales is back in business, and while I haven’t figured out all the itty bitty details yet, I’ve come to the point where I just need to say “screw it” and put the pencil to paper.

To say it won’t be a perfect work would be a huge understatement, but I’ll be a junior in college this fall. If I’m going to start a comic, it needs to be now.

Ah heck, listen to me, all doom and gloom. How ’bout I give you guys something to look at, eh?

It’s currently midnight here in Nebraska, so I’d better cut off this post. Good night, everyone, and here’s to staying artsy!

The Godmother’s Tales © Holly Wolfe


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