UPS Is a Wonderful Thing

Do you know why? Four words: Tales of Xillia, baby!

Nostalgia Critic squee

I swear, if it was humanly possible, I’d be ricocheting off the walls right now.

Since I pre-ordered my copy, I received a couple of extra goodies, such as a CD and an art book, as can be seen below. Tales of Xillia game, CD, artbook The game also came with a code for two character costumes exclusive to the limited and collector’s editions. I’d show it, but displaying a line of numbers and letters just isn’t the same, is it? Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part: it comes with a free box.

Tales of Xillia box

Aww yeah!

All snarking aside, sorry if I am coming off as a total a show off to fellow fans in Europe. I’m not trying to be a braggart. I’m just really excited to finally have this game and can’t wait for everyone to play it. (Which I haven’t actually done yet; I’ve been too busy squealing out loud and thanking God that no one is home to witness my extreme geek-out.) I’ll be back on Thursday with another FMA 2003 post. Until then, I’m gonna play me some Tales! The Nostalgia Critic © Doug Walker Tales of Xillia © Namco Bandai


6 comments on “UPS Is a Wonderful Thing

  1. O_o Sooo pretty.. Do want! Hopefully the game is as good as the packaging. I’ve heard good things about it 🙂

    • So far it’s been pretty dang good! The gameplay is very addicting and rewarding, and the characters are great, too. The game’s battle system more or less hampers multiplayer campaigns, but I’ve been having a blast playing on my own. I really can’t recommend this game enough.

  2. Nice, haven’t played it.

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