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Blog Update #5: (Apparently I ran out of silly titles. Oops.)

Update sign held by Usta

A new year means new beginnings, and what better reason to kickstart some new articles?

…Hey, don’t give me that look! Chinese New Year started last week, it counts!

Back to Basics

When I first started this blog, I admit I didn’t have a specific goal in mind for it. I’ve posted everything from sketches to video game reviews to rants about random holidays, and while those were fun to write, they weren’t very consistent in terms of topic and quality.

For sanity’s sake, I’ve decided to narrow down the content of my articles to three basic topics: comics, art, and basic storytelling.

As much as I love anime and video games, I’ve simply spent more time with books, comics, and artwork and feel much more confident talking about them as a result. I’ll still talk about video games off and on in regard to art and storytelling, such as in the article about Sumia, but in-depth gameplay discussion will be left at the door. Likewise, I will occasionally discuss anime, but only in terms of art and storytelling, not animation and music. What this means for my barely started Fullmetal Alchemist review series, I have no idea yet. For now, consider it postponed.

Hopefully, my new article series will make up for it.

One-Volume Comic Reviews

Now this I’m really excited about starting off. Think of a mix between the video game show Continue? and Cajun Samurai and Otaku Andrain‘s anime reviews, and you’re in the right ballpark.

In these reviews, I will objectively look at the first volume of a comic series and, judging by what I’ve seen, decide whether I would pick up volume 2 of the comic or leave it on the shelf to rot. The basis of these reviews will consist of four categories: art, text, characters, and story. Also, in order to keep these reviews as unbiased as possible, I am limiting these reviews to series that I only have three or less volumes of, so if you wanted to see Fruits Basket or Pandora Hearts reviewed in this fashion, I give my humblest apologies.

This is turning into a giant wall of text, I realize, but just allow me to announce one more thing.

Achievement Unlocked: Social Media

That’s right, I officially have a social media page for this blog now! A Facebook page, to be specific.

This page will serve more for a heads up on new posts and current circumstances like if I get locked out of my WordPress account for a week again, as well as hopefully make readers who aren’t WordPress members feel more comfortable about giving input. I can also share links to other artists’ works and maybe some funny pictures if need be. We’ll just see where this road takes us.

Drop me a like if you so desire, and I’ll see you guys again in about a week!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll figure out Twitter in that time, too.

Artwork © Holly A. Wolfe


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