UPS Is a Wonderful Thing

Do you know why? Four words: Tales of Xillia, baby! Since I pre-ordered my copy, I received a couple of extra goodies, such as a CD and an art book, as can be seen below. The game also came with a code for two character costumes exclusive to the limited and collector’s editions. I’d show […]

Something a Little Different

A few weeks ago, I started pondering to myself. Pondering how to keep new ideas for blog posts coming. Pondering what I should do when, due to a busy schedule or something else, I don’t have a solid art piece or in-depth article ready for a weekly post. And then I remembered Doug Walker’s Avatar: The […]

Guess Who’s Popping In For One Quick Post!

Honestly, I’ve about got the art of blog writer disappearance down to a T now. Once I master this mysterious art, I’ll be able to disappear for months, even years at a time! Eh, on second thought, maybe some things are better off unlearned. I’m sorry for missing last week’s post, but you see, it’s […]

LifeTalk: Where Did the Last Few Weeks Go?

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated for the past three weeks. The week leading up to finals was pretty hectic for whatever reason, and even though I officially finished my final projects last Thursday, I had to take off for Omaha shortly afterwards. I’ve basically used the past couple of days to cool down and […]

An Apology Post

So while caught up in the laid back, slacker attitude  that accompanies spring and Easter break, I apparently forgot that planning to write lengthy blog articles this late in the semester is a bad idea. Cue this reaction when it finally hit me: Darn it, I really, really want to make this month Anime Movie Month, but between […]

The Fight for Online Privacy: Stop CISPA

Hi guys. I apologize in advance if this post seems oddly cobbled together. Just thinking about this topic wears me out, so this blog entry basically consists of messages I’ve already sent to friends on Facebook. For those of you who are unaware – as I was until a fellow deviantART member brought up the […]

Originally posted on Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors:
The answer just might be yes because this is exactly what is happening to Jamie McGuire.  Jamie originally self-published her book Beautiful Disaster and the sales were so good that a publisher wanted the book.  So now the book is with a publisher.  Cool, right?  You’d think so except for…