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On the Road Again

Unoriginal title aside, yes, I’m going to be absent much of next week. I’m going on a trip with my dad and the grandfolks to Missouri, and it’s going to be grrreat!

(Hm. A bit of my inner Tony the Tiger came out right there.)

Anyway,  the point of the matter is that there may not be a post next week. Just too much going on.

That, and I think Mom broke me with her tirade over the evils of granny shorts.

I’m okay.

No, really.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Doctor Who © BBC

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And the Daily “LOLWUT” Award Goes To…

Last week, my family was busy rummaging through every nook and cranny in preparation for the first garage sale we’ve had in a while.

At one point, I found myself in charge of sticker detail and consequently came across this little gem.

The Sandman LOLWUT

…Let’s make sure we’re on the same page here.

The American Library Association, once upon a time, decided to use Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman to advocate the importance of reading. Fair enough.

Many high-browed critics still laugh at the notion that comics can be considered engaging and challenging literature, but those of us who have read titles such as Persepolis and Maus know better. There is nothing wrong with using well-written, well-drawn graphic novels to encourage people to read.

Using said challenging graphic novels in conjunction with cheesy taglines geared towards children, however?

Hooooo boy.

I haven’t had the chance to read any volumes of The Sandman as of yet, but I do know that while The Sandman is many things, kid-friendly definitely isn’t one of them.

Seriously, what was the ALA thinking? Did someone just flip through some random pages, find an image with the main character surrounded by books, and send it off for editing without considering the comic’s target audience? What if a hapless kid had realized, “Oh hey, this is actually a picture from a book! This looks cool, I wanna read this Neil Gaiman Sandman thing!”

Ah well, I suppose it could have been worse; the ALA could have gotten the rights to use Alan Moore’s characters instead.

Instead of Dream, we could have be graced with Rorschach on our bookmarks, smiling and praising books for completely changing his view of the world. While petting a German Shepherd.

Heh. Someone should draw that.

The Sandman © DC Comics

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Productivity? The Heck Is That?

Well, I wanted to get things done today. Clear my room of more junk, draw something good, run in to Walmart to fix my new glasses so I’ll be able to look at things without getting a headache, little things like that.

So of course my Friday basically said this to me:

“Aw, you’re cute when you’re stupid! Have another FAFSA form!”

Yeah, sorry, no in-depth articles are happening today. Instead, here’s a rough sketch I drew of the Tenth Doctor. It’s far from perfect, but in my defense, David Tennant’s hair has a life of its own.

The Tenth Doctor's Bust, by Holly Wolfe

You can view a little more of my commentary if you click on the image and follow the link to my deviantART page.

If you enjoy reading, that is. Who does that anymore?

Doctor Who © BBC
Artwork created by Holly Wolfe

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LifeTalk: Where Did the Last Few Weeks Go?

Lazy bum on a reclinable sofa

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated for the past three weeks. The week leading up to finals was pretty hectic for whatever reason, and even though I officially finished my final projects last Thursday, I had to take off for Omaha shortly afterwards.

I’ve basically used the past couple of days to cool down and clean up the old room a bit. Things are about to get busy again, though, as I officially return to lifeguarding today and have to take yet another trip this weekend, this time for a cousin’s wedding shower.

It’s sounding like this summer is going to be pretty crazy. However, I’m planning on taking my work with me on the longer trips, so hopefully this will bring my production rate up.

…My art and blog work, I mean. It’s kind of hard to lug a public pool around with you.

Anyway, I’m running low on time, so I’d better wrap this up. I hope that all of you will have a safe summer, and if you are a reader from Kansas or Oklahoma, I pray that your summer will give you something wonderful to ease the pain of the past few days.

Artwork © Holly Wolfe


Character Focus: Sumia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Sumia - Fire Emblem:  Awakening

Official artwork by Yusuke Kozaki

Among Fire Emblem:  Awakening fans in the west, there has been some dissent concerning the character Sumia. While some remain relatively neutral toward her personality and role, other members of the fanbase criticize her for being a boring, sexist character and forcing herself upon the player as the canon love interest for Chrom, one of the game’s protagonists.

With a video game this popular, there are obviously going to be some extremely vocal fans who will overlook any context and blow a disliked character’s flaws out of proportion. However, can all of the criticisms directed toward Sumia be chalked up to this?

Let’s take a look at this wing-adorned lancer and see.

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Personal Thingamajigs and– Wow, Comic Progress?

In a dark, secluded corner of the Internet, a hapless college blogger gets onto her WordPress account…and updates.


Doctor Who Olympics gif

Now in all seriousness I did intend to post last Thursday. I suppose you could say I had a bit of a medical scare, and I wanted to wait until I knew exactly what was going on before I said anything here. I’m okay, it’s nothing serious. Nothing that a few weeks and a bit of medication won’t take care of, at any rate. It won’t hinder any schoolwork or personal projects, so if I update late again, don’t let me use that as an excuse.

Speaking of personal projects, I actually started page 1 of my Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke comic. (I know, right?) There isn’t much to look at at this point, but if you feel so inclined, take a gander. Just leave the ducks alone.


Doctor Who © BBC
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
Comic created by Holly Wolfe

Author’s Note:  Between this post’s original title and WordPress thinking I want Pinkie Pie to be my preview image instead of David Tennant, I’m probably coming across as a ditz to some people. Greeaat.


An Apology Post

So while caught up in the laid back, slacker attitude  that accompanies spring and Easter break, I apparently forgot that planning to write lengthy blog articles this late in the semester is a bad idea.

Cue this reaction when it finally hit me:

Aww Crap

Darn it, I really, really want to make this month Anime Movie Month, but between homework, writer’s block, and going through an emotional rough patch, chances are I won’t end up writing all the reviews that I intended to. Worst comes to worst, I might end up postponing AMM until this summer. I dunno.

Anyway, here are some sketches I drew a couple of months ago. I know they don’t make up for my being MIA the past couple of weeks, but at least they’re something interesting the look at, right?

And yes, work for the Pokémon Black 2 comic is still underway.

Pokémon © Nintendo
Portal 2 © Valve
Artwork created by Holly Wolfe