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Project Progress Report #4: The Consequences of Overthinking

Well, here I am, back like I said I’d be! Let’s drop the formalities for once and cut to the chase, shall we? Advertisements

Guess Who’s Popping In For One Quick Post!

Honestly, I’ve about got the art of blog writer disappearance down to a T now. Once I master this mysterious art, I’ll be able to disappear for months, even years at a time! Eh, on second thought, maybe some things are better off unlearned. I’m sorry for missing last week’s post, but you see, it’s […]

Productivity? The Heck Is That?

Well, I wanted to get things done today. Clear my room of more junk, draw something good, run in to Walmart to fix my new glasses so I’ll be able to look at things without getting a headache, little things like that. So of course my Friday basically said this to me: “Aw, you’re cute when […]

Artist’s Journal #2: Here’s a Shape, There’s a Shape

The notebook on your desk. The laptop you use for assignments and solitaire. Your own hand. What do these three things – and everything else in the world – have in common? They all can be broken down into basic shapes. Once you take this into account, you will get a better grasp on how to […]

The Basket and the Girl

Sorry for the late post (again).  I was feeling pretty wiped out yesterday.  Should’ve took a water bottle with me for the walk outside yesterday.  It was pretty hot out. The Godmother’s Tales is making progress.  I’ve got at least three short stories for it planned out in my head, and right now I’m working […]

Two Twins and an Update

This is the week of the dreaded midterms, so I don’t have anything brand new for today.  Sorry.  Instead, have a gander at another couple of character heads.  I drew these two  about a year ago, but I’m still pretty happy with how they turned out.  I’ll probably end up drawing them into a story […]

One-Armed Wonder

Meet Sibylla, Gavin Argall’s little sister.  Why is her name such an awkward one?  I don’t know.  Her mother insisted on the name Sibylla before she was born, even if she turned out to be a boy.  Her mother is strange like that.  That might explain why Gavin ran off to Scotland to hunt the […]