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Hourly Comic Day 2014

Hey all! Holly here, back from the dead just in time for 2014’s Hourly Comic Day! Once again, apologies all around for the lack of updates. I know that 6+ months is a long wait and leans more on the side of hiatus than break time, but I want you guys to know that I […]

Hourly Comic Day 2013

So y’know how I said I would be participating in Hourly Comic Day yesterday?  Well here are my results! (And be sure to click the images to see each comic at a bigger size.  Give my deviantART page some looove.) Artwork © Holly Wolfe

It’s That Random Award Time Again!

What’s that?  You wanted me to write something insightful and creative for a change?  Me too! However, I had started writing this little darling containing yet more embarrassing factoids about myself, so I figured I’d better finish it. Aren’t I a little stinker?