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UPS Is a Wonderful Thing

Do you know why? Four words: Tales of Xillia, baby! Since I pre-ordered my copy, I received a couple of extra goodies, such as a CD and an art book, as can be seen below. The game also came with a code for two character costumes exclusive to the limited and collector’s editions. I’d show […]

Character Focus: Sumia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Among Fire Emblem:  Awakening fans in the west, there has been some dissent concerning the character Sumia. While some remain relatively neutral toward her personality and role, other members of the fanbase criticize her for being a boring, sexist character and forcing herself upon the player as the canon love interest for Chrom, one of the game’s […]

Personal Thingamajigs and– Wow, Comic Progress?

Personal Thingamajigs and– Wow, Comic Progress?

In a dark, secluded corner of the Internet, a hapless college blogger gets onto her WordPress account…and updates. Hooray! Now in all seriousness I did intend to post last Thursday. I suppose you could say I had a bit of a medical scare, and I wanted to wait until I knew exactly what was going on before […]

An Apology Post

So while caught up in the laid back, slacker attitude  that accompanies spring and Easter break, I apparently forgot that planning to write lengthy blog articles this late in the semester is a bad idea. Cue this reaction when it finally hit me: Darn it, I really, really want to make this month Anime Movie Month, but between […]

Project Progress Report #3: Because I Need To Post Something Halfway Entertaining

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay. Aside from the last couple of days consisting mostly of driving home and riding a bus, I blame my lateness on Fire Emblem:  Awakening. (Just a quick heads up, if you’re a Nintendo 3DS owner who is trying to save money, don’t download the demo for this game. It will […]

Artist’s Journal #2: Here’s a Shape, There’s a Shape

The notebook on your desk. The laptop you use for assignments and solitaire. Your own hand. What do these three things – and everything else in the world – have in common? They all can be broken down into basic shapes. Once you take this into account, you will get a better grasp on how to […]

Half-Finished Pokémon Cover Page! Insert Intelligent Synonym of the Term W00t Here!

Hey, you darling person, you!  Do you want another half-baked picture? …No?  You want a blog article? Well too bad!  Waluigi time!  …I mean, rough sketch time! Everything you need to know about this picture is already available on its deviantART page (which you can handily access by clicking on it, wink wink, nudge nudge). […]