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Something to Tide You Over

Hey guys, it’s Holly here again! (Then again, who else would be writing for this one-gal show?  Holly, you silly goose!) Now you might have noticed that this post is a tad bit early.  Two nights early, in fact.  Why, you ask?  Well, for a couple of reasons. While this semester has been fairly quiet […]

Blogger’s Blab Spot: St. Vacuum McPinkcandy Day

What is it about Valentine’s Day that is so polarizing? On one hand, there is the camp that absolutely adores the holiday and extols the values of romantic love and delicious candy on this designated day. On the other hand, there is the vocal bunch that calls February 14th a corporate cashcow that exploits the […]

Half-Finished Pokémon Cover Page! Insert Intelligent Synonym of the Term W00t Here!

Hey, you darling person, you!  Do you want another half-baked picture? …No?  You want a blog article? Well too bad!  Waluigi time!  …I mean, rough sketch time! Everything you need to know about this picture is already available on its deviantART page (which you can handily access by clicking on it, wink wink, nudge nudge). […]

Hourly Comic Day 2013

So y’know how I said I would be participating in Hourly Comic Day yesterday?  Well here are my results! (And be sure to click the images to see each comic at a bigger size.  Give my deviantART page some looove.) Artwork © Holly Wolfe

It’s That Random Award Time Again!

What’s that?  You wanted me to write something insightful and creative for a change?  Me too! However, I had started writing this little darling containing yet more embarrassing factoids about myself, so I figured I’d better finish it. Aren’t I a little stinker?