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Hourly Comic Day 2014

Hey all! Holly here, back from the dead just in time for 2014’s Hourly Comic Day! Once again, apologies all around for the lack of updates. I know that 6+ months is a long wait and leans more on the side of hiatus than break time, but I want you guys to know that I […]

Project Progress Report #4: The Consequences of Overthinking

Well, here I am, back like I said I’d be! Let’s drop the formalities for once and cut to the chase, shall we?

Productivity? The Heck Is That?

Well, I wanted to get things done today. Clear my room of more junk, draw something good, run in to Walmart to fix my new glasses so I’ll be able to look at things without getting a headache, little things like that. So of course my Friday basically said this to me: “Aw, you’re cute when […]

Art Request Display!

Since I won’t start posting Anime Movie Month reviews until next Thursday, here are the three art requests that I promised back in October! Hope you enjoy, and see you next week! Artwork © Holly Wolfe

Artist’s Journal #2: Here’s a Shape, There’s a Shape

The notebook on your desk. The laptop you use for assignments and solitaire. Your own hand. What do these three things – and everything else in the world – have in common? They all can be broken down into basic shapes. Once you take this into account, you will get a better grasp on how to […]

Something to Tide You Over

Hey guys, it’s Holly here again! (Then again, who else would be writing for this one-gal show?  Holly, you silly goose!) Now you might have noticed that this post is a tad bit early.  Two nights early, in fact.  Why, you ask?  Well, for a couple of reasons. While this semester has been fairly quiet […]

Blogger’s Blab Spot: St. Vacuum McPinkcandy Day

What is it about Valentine’s Day that is so polarizing? On one hand, there is the camp that absolutely adores the holiday and extols the values of romantic love and delicious candy on this designated day. On the other hand, there is the vocal bunch that calls February 14th a corporate cashcow that exploits the […]